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Khaled is the VP of Product Management at Hyperview.

How Hybrid IT is Transforming Enterprises

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CIOs are coming to one inescapable conclusion: matching application workloads to the most suitable IT infrastructure can dramatically boost cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Keeping compliant, sensitive data on premises while moving other workloads to the cloud is just one example. And to better serve IoT devices, it makes sense to have a closer presence in [...]

How Hybrid IT Enhances Market Agility

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The pressure is on for CIOs to investigate the benefits of hybrid IT. Growth in cloud-first initiatives and IoT has CIOs reconsidering their large expenditure on data centers, which typically amounts to a quarter of their budget.(1) Yet, there still remains a requirement to maintain some on premises workloads for mission-critical, compliance and cost [...]

DCIM Moves Beyond Data Center Walls and Into the Cloud

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Khaled Assali As more enterprises adopt a hybrid environment where the IT infrastructure is made up of both physical data centers and the public cloud, management software needs to adapt. At the forefront are data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools. Today's DCIM software needs to move beyond monitoring simply the on-premises infrastructure [...]

Auto-Discovery Tool Essential in DCIM Software

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Khaled Assali Amongst DCIM tools, auto-discovery is one of the more powerful technologies that, if used correctly, is invaluable to the day-to-day operations of a data center. Nowadays, DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) means different things to different people. No longer limited to managing just power, space and cooling of a data [...]

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