Tuangru Building on Procurement Services with Business Intelligence Software

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451 Research Publishes Latest Analyst Report on Tuangru

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada –Feb 11, 2016 – Tuangru, a procurement software platform for IT hardware, was profiled in a recent analyst report by 451 Research.

A global analyst and data firm with five worldwide locations, 451 Research regularly produces these reports on leading organizations in the IT industry. The Tuangru report was released on February 1, 2016.

In the report, analyst Liam Eagle found that the company has built a healthy business as a hardware-procurement service that targets service providers; focused on driving down equipment costs by aggregating the buying power of small and midsize hosting and cloud providers.

“The software portal powering its procurement service has developed additional levels of depth and value, based on providing users with insight into datacenter and business performance according to several key metrics,” the report reads.

Additionally, Eagle found that while the business intelligence began as a value-add to the procurement service, the company indicates that it has become an increasingly core function, helping users to connect capex to profit.

The report continues: “Part of Tuangru’s basic value proposition is that it helps to even the playing field for small and midsize service providers in a business where the largest players have a distinct scale advantage. It does this from the ground up – at the procurement level by using a group-buying strategy to provide access to the types of discounts typically only available to large buyers, and at the software level by providing a level of insight and performance benchmarking that is typically out of scope for businesses of this size. By building out the software side of its offering into a separate line of business, Tuangru is building on its strengths. The company believes it is likely customers will want to take those steps along with it.”

The report further details that the company is self-funded and has not taken on outside investment. Tuangru has more than doubled its business in the last year, and expects to exceed $100m in top-line annual revenue in the next 18 months. The company currently has eight employees, although it has plans to add four developers in the short term to work on the platform’s expanding functions. Download the full report (PDF).


Tuangru, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a procurement software company that delivers a smarter way for hosting and cloud service providers to buy IT hardware. The company connects buyers to suppliers through their free cloud software for smarter, faster and cheaper hardware purchasing. Tuangru clients can source the latest from Dell™, Supermicro®, Arista®, Solidfire®, Edge-Core®, Nimble®, Nutanix® and more at the lowest price by leveraging the company’s group buying model.

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