451 Research HCTS 2015The past two years have been an exciting journey for all of us at Tuangru. We started the business in 2013 on a belief that we could help small to mid-size hosting providers compete with the Rackspace, AWS, Microsoft and Googles of the world by deploying the right hardware/software technology in their data centers at the lowest achievable cost–and service it all through a simple, single pane-of-glass online platform.

Today, that message has resonated within the industry and more service providers are seeing how critical smart IT hardware procurement is to their financial health. With customers like HOSTING, ServInt, Total Server Solutions and DosArrest, and key partners including Solidfire, Supermicro, Dell, Edge-Core, and Cumulus Networks–we see the growth and opportunity ahead. It reminds us again why we’re on this journey.

Benchmark Your Business Against the Best

Tuangru measures each customer against three key performance indicators (KPIs) to help them understand how they are performing against the industry leaders:

  1. Annualized Net Revenue Per Average Megawatt of Power Utilized
  2. EBITDA Margin
  3. Total Customer Gear (Hardware) as % of Revenue

For example, Rackspace is generating $62.5M per average Megawatt of Power Utilizedhow much are you generating? By using these KPIs as guidance, the customer can make strategic purchasing decisions that have a positive and direct impact on their overall valuation (measured as a multiple of EBITDA).

Jad Jebara CEO

David vs. Goliath

At this year’s Hosting Cloud Transformation Summit, our president and CEO, Jad Jebara, will be participating in a panel discussion moderated by Brett Azuma of 451 Research on the topic of David vs. Goliath: How to Compete with the Big Players. The panel will explore techniques which smaller players can employ t
o be competitive including high-touch delivery, efficient use of Capex and service innovation to turn the tide in their favor.

HCTS 2015 takes place Sep 15-17 at the Bellagio Resort & Hotel, La
s Vegas. Registration is now open. if you are planning on attending, make time for this session–it’ll be worth it.