AI Becoming Integral in Data Center Management

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AI Data Center Security


AI and deep learning will become a necessity in parsing and analyzing the mountain of data generated within a data center to more effectively manage service delivery while mitigating risks like outages. This stems from the recent transformation in how we deliver application workloads. Our CTO, Rami Jebara explains in DatacenterDynamics how AI and deep learning are becoming integral in data center and critical infrastructure management.


DCD logoIT service security has many layers. The IT security layer; firewalls, intrusion detection and access controls. The infrastructure layer; power, network, server health and cooling. And, most important, the people layer. The right people with the right processes, tools and measures to ensure everything else is in working order. Artificial intelligence (AI) will by far have the biggest impact on the tools and measures that people use by amplifying capabilities, streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies. Read More

About the Author: Rajan Sodhi
Rajan is the Chief Marketing Officer of Hyperview, a cloud-based digital infrastructure management platform that is both powerful and easy to use. Hyperview offers next-generation DCIM tools to manage and monitor hybrid computing environments.
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