Auto-provision Users with Azure AD, Specify Busway as Power Source, and Analyze Sensor Data

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Auto-provisioning Azure AD

Product Update: Version 1.6

We’ve added some new DCIM tools and features, including auto-provisioning users with Azure AD, ability to bulk update existing users, specifying busway as a power source for other assets, analyzing sensor date more efficiently, and more!

Auto-provisioning Azure AD

Auto-provision users with Azure AD

Hyperview now supports auto-provisioning user accounts for Azure Active Directory domains. Administrators can use the new User Provisioning page to view and manage Azure AD domains, which are mapped to specific user roles and groups. Corresponding users will be auto-provisioned upon logging into Hyperview with their Microsoft login. Learn more

Bulk Update Users

Bulk update users and export grid data

Administrators can now use the Users page to bulk-update existing user accounts and export grid data. The new Bulk Actions include Lock, Unlock, Add To Group, Remove From Group, Enable External Login Required, Disable External Login Required, Delete. The new Export button lets you export the data and columns currently showing in the grid in XLSX format. Learn more

Busway as a power source

Improved support for busways

Busways can now be specified as power sources for other assets. Currently, one outlet is supported per busway tap-off, and a single asset can be connected to a tap-off outlet. Asset power paths will automatically show connected busways. Also, busway assets now have a Layout page, which lets Power Users and above view and manage existing tap-offs and asset connections. Learn more

Bacnet_Non-numeric Sensor Definitions

Non-numeric BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP sensor definitions

Administrators can now define non-numeric sensors as part of BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP definitions. For either protocol, you can use the new Non-numeric Sensors tab to search and manage non-numeric sensor definitions. Learn more

Enhanced Sensor Analytics

Enhanced sensor analytics

Several 1.6 features allow users to analyze sensor data more efficiently. The Sensors page now lets you download raw sensor data in CSV format. Plus, you can now select a custom date range while using the Graph button to generate a sensor graph. Graphs can be exported as JPEG, PDF, PNG, or SVG files. Learn more

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