Document Management, Manual Sensors, and More

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Product Update: Version 2.2

In this release we’ve added support for document management, manual sensors, alerts for stale and outdated Data Collectors, and more. We’ve also made performance improvements and bug fixes to Hyperview for a more stable, secure, and user-friendly experience.

Document Management

Document Management

Document Management is a new, separately licensed feature that lets you create and maintain asset-document associations. A “document” can be a file or a hyperlink. For example, you can associate a device documentation PDF with relevant asset records.

A single document can be associated with one or more assets. You can associate documents and remove document associations in bulk. All users can search document associations, download documents, and visit document links. Power Users and above can manage documents, update asset associations per document, apply access control, and perform bulk actions (note: Power Users cannot delete documents).

To purchase a Document Management license, please contact Hyperview Support or your Hyperview account manager.

Support for manual sensors

You can now manage, link/unlink, graph, and export data for manual sensors. An “Add Manual Sensors(s)” link appears on the Information Sensors page for relevant assets. To set an asset’s sensor monitoring profile to “Manual”, go to Information Sensor Monitoring.

Datacenter alarms

Alerts for outdated or stale Data Collectors

Distinct event messages are now generated for the All location (Asset Hierarchy ⟶ All ⟶ Events), indicating if a non-retired Data Collector has missed a communication cycle, or if the Data Collector version is out of date.

PDU management

PDU breaker status improvements

The Layout page for PDU/RPP asset types now lets you toggle or update breaker statuses (provided you are a Power User or above). Exporting the current Layout grid will also export the Breaker Status column.

Other notable improvements

  • Asset names are now ranked higher in search results, making them easier to find.
  • Grid height is now set dynamically to fit the UI content area.
  • Layout grids have been simplified to show “No Access” in the Connected Asset column for assets you don’t have access to.
  • Data Center Managers can now delete sensors.
  • Change logs for PDU breakers and custom components have been improved to be consistent with other change logs triggered by auto-discovery or monitoring.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes, please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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