How Zombie Servers Are Wreaking Havoc Inside Data Centers

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Zombie Servers

Zombie servers are infesting data centers around the world.

These comatose devices suck up power and valuable space with little to no visibility. With data center operators facing growing cost restraints and energy efficiency targets, it’s become critical to identify and eradicate these servers immediately. Our CMO, Rajan Sodhi explains in DatacenterDynamics how zombie servers wreak havoc inside data centers and what operators can do about it.


One estimate suggests there are now over 10 million zombie servers worldwide, wasting the electric equivalent generated by eight major power plants. A recent research paper by research fellows Jonathan Koomey and Jon Taylor at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance revealed that 30 percent of servers are comatose, suggesting that almost one-third of capital in enterprise data centers is wasted. Research by Koomey also underscored the security risk posed by zombie servers—both virtual and physical—because they aren’t patched and maintained. Read More

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Rajan is the Chief Marketing Officer of Hyperview, a cloud-based digital infrastructure management platform that is both powerful and easy to use. Hyperview offers next-generation DCIM tools to manage and monitor hybrid computing environments.
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