Latest RAMP DCIM Software Update Includes New User Interface

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Today, we released version 3.9 of our data center infrastructure management software, RAMP DCIM. This is our most significant update to the software, and includes a revamped user interface that’s cleaner and more intuitive. We’ve also added a few more powerful features to provide further convenience and ease in managing the data center. Watch the video above for a quick overview.

Planned Asset Move

Schedule in advance a move of your IT assets from one rack to another or do it on-the-fly. With this feature, you can pre-calculate the available rack space and power, as well as move assets across racks within your multiple data center locations (i.e building, city, state or global). All moved asset details are automatically annotated and monitored within the DCIM software, allowing you to easily keep track of assets in motion between racks.

DCIM Planned Asset Move


The clipboard feature provides you with instant access to your most commonly used assets. Just ‘drag and drop’ an IT asset from your clipboard onto the desired rack location. Delete any IT asset from the clipboard you no longer need.

RAMP DCIM Tools Clipboard Feature


When bulk actions are required, Auto-Placement will automatically place multiple IT assets into racks for you.

DCIM Tools Auto-Placement

Side-By-Side Rack View of Multiple Data Centers

View racks located in multiple data center locations, side-by-side. See a rack in the Dallas TX data center next to the one in Toronto ON. This feature allows you to easily view available capacity and move IT assets across any of your data centers.

dcim server rack view

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