New Dashboard Widgets and License Management

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Product Update: Version 2.5

We’re back with exciting new widgets for locations, power, and data center racks. Plus, an overhauled license page and a few other product improvements.

Weather and Location Widget

New location widgets

The Dashboard for locations now includes three new widgets:

  • Power widget showing Total Facility Power (kW), IT Energy (kW), and PUE (Total Facility Power divided by non-zero IT Energy).
  • Total Rack Units widget showing total rack units and total occupied rack units over time.
  • Weather widget showing weather forecasts and related information.
Data Center Rack Widgets

New data center rack widgets 

We have added three new widgets to the Dashboard for data center racks:

  • Rack Power widget showing rack total power over time.
  • Rack Humidity widget showing rack humidity over time.
  • Rack Temperature widget showing front and rear temperatures over time.
Power Widget

New power widget 

A new Power widget is available in the asset Dashboard pages for asset types:  busways, generators, PDU/RPPs, power meters, rack PDUs, transfer switches, small UPSes, UPSes, and utility breakers. It shows total output power over time.

License Management

Enhanced License page

The License page has been overhauled to make it simple for users to review their Hyperview subscription and real-time utilization. You will now find:

  • Number of Floor Mounted Assets and Sensors.
  • Max Storage Size (GB).
  • A Features grid showing which add-on features you have subscribed for.
  • Additional Thresholds and general account information.
Sensor Graphs

Other notable enhancements

  • You can now generate sensor graphs for the last one hour.
  • The Access Policies grid (Settings Access Policies) features an Associated API Clients column, which indicates the number of API clients associated with a particular access policy.
  • Location pickers have been improved to automatically open the asset location while selecting a power source.
  • Dashboard editing privileges have been updated to administrator-only.
  • Watch notification emails now include the asset location path.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes,  please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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Tashfeen Mahmud is the Quality Assurance and Documentation Lead at Hyperview.
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