New Heat Map and Network Components for Assets

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datacenter heat map

Product Update: Version 3.1

Visualize the temperature in your environment with our new heat map. Plus, more bulk actions and the addition of network components, node servers, and kilowatt hour (kWh) measurements.

Datacenter heat map

More temperature visualizations with heat map and sensors

Floor Plan now feature Temperature Heat Map and Environmental Sensors layers. You can toggle them from Location → Layout → View. Heat maps visualize current temperature ranges with color, and are generated based on linked sensor values. Note that a heat map is only generated if the layout has a grid. Environmental sensors are represented by a “T” icon for temperature sensors and an “H” icon for humidity sensors.

Bulk actions

More bulk actions

More bulk actions means more flexibility:

  • Enable Monitoring
  • Disable Monitoring
  • Start Watching
  • Stop Watching
  • Update Control Credentials
  • Update Custom Property

All bulk actions are available from the Bulk Actions menu in Advanced Search, Assets By Type, and Assets By Location pages for eligible assets. The Stop Watching bulk action is also available from the Watched Assets page. Note that control credentials are currently only used for Rack Security-licensed features.

Floor plan with temperature

Measure your kWh

The following computed sensors are now available for racks and locations:

  • Average kWh By Hour
  • Peak kWh By Hour
  • Average kWh By Day
  • Peak kWh By Day
Network components

New Network Components page for assets

Assets now have a Network Components page (asset Information Network Components). It lists IP addresses and network interfaces associated with the asset, if applicable (previously they would appear on the asset’s Components page). Furthermore, a new MAC OUI column has been added that indicates the organizationally unique vendor or manufacturer for a given network interface.

Node servers

Add your node servers 

A Node Server is now supported as an asset type. Using node servers is similar to using servers, except node servers are zero U assets and cannot be placed in racks. A relevant asset property, Enclosure Serial Number, is now available on the Properties page for the following asset types: server, node server, blade server, blade storage, blade network. Note that Enclosure Serial Number is a searchable and discoverable field.

Sensor graph

Show zero or don’t

Numeric sensor graphs now feature a Show Zero toggle, which indicates if the zero line should be shown or not (selected by default). Furthermore, you can now pan and zoom into numeric sensor graphs (the zoom will be reset if you modify the time range).

Advanced Search Screenshot

Better Advanced Search functionality

  • Type is no longer a mandatory filter (unless you want to add an asset property, custom property, or sensor filter).
  • The Location filter now defaults to All to prevent ambiguity.
  • Queries now also take child and descendent assets into consideration, and include them in search results (if they match the query).
  • The width of the Filters panel has been increased for improved navigation on mobile screens.
  • You can now filter by Enclosure Serial Number and Board Serial Number asset properties, as well as add corresponding grid columns.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes, please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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