New RFID Asset Tracking and Data Collector Linux Version

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Product Update: Version 3.3

Hyperview’s AssetTracker RFID solution is now available as an add-on feature in the platform. AssetTracker lets you to track and audit asset movement and in-rack/in-room location in real-time. Now you can know exactly what assets you have deployed and where at any given time, without disrupting operations.  Plus, a beta version of the Data Collector for Linux is available for download with this release.

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RFID asset tracking for data centers

The AssetTracker add-on feature is an RFID asset tracking solution for data centers that lets you detect and audit assets at the rack U level in real-time. AssetTracker master modules are physically installed on racks you wish to track, which in turn host RFID tags that are attached to racked assets. Expansion modules can be daisy-chained to master modules as needed. Module and asset tag records can be viewed and managed from the new licensee-only AssetTracker page (Assets → AssetTracker).

The Data Collector has been enhanced in version 3.3 to communicate with AssetTracker modules. Relevant alarm events are generated at the rack or All location level, which makes it convenient to stay on top of changes. Fields for AssetTracker Master Module ID (the unique identifier for a given module) and AssetTracker ID (the unique identifier for a tag) now appear across the Properties page, the Add New page, and modals to add or update asset records. As well, the Advanced Search page has been enhanced to include new Asset Property (String) filters for AssetTracker Master Module ID and AssetTracker ID.

Contact sales for more information on implementing AssetTracker RFID.

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Linux version of Data Collector now available in beta

A beta version of the Hyperview Data Collector for Linux is available for download with this release. It is compatible with Debian 10.xx and 11.xx, and Ubuntu Server LTS 18.04.xx and 20.04.xx. The Download Data Collector modal (Discoveries → Data Collectors → Download Data Collectors; Administrator-only) now lets you specify the OS you wish to download the data collector for.

Note that at this time the Linux Data Collector only supports SSH, SNMP, and IPMI protocols. Otherwise, the overall user experience for discovery is identical to the current Data Collector for Windows.

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Other notable improvements

  • The Saved Searches feature in Advanced Search now lets any kind of user (including read-only users) save and delete personal searches.
  • The Watched Assets grid (Account → Watched Assets) has been improved to show up to 100 rows per page.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes, please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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