Power Path Enhancements and More

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Shows the new Asset Info panel.

Product Update: Version 2.1

In this release, we’ve made significant enhancements to one of our most popular power monitoring features: Power Path. We have also made performance improvements and bug fixes to Hyperview for a more stable, secure, and friendly experience.

Shows the new Asset Info panel.

Asset power path enhancements

The Power Path page now features an Asset Info panel. For all asset types, the Asset Info panel includes an Overview tab showing asset details, a Sensors tab featuring the Sensors grid, and a View Asset button that lets you open the asset’s dashboard page.

All asset nodes in the Power Path page now show the asset location, down to the Rack U and side (if applicable).

Additionally, for PDU/RPP assets the Asset Info panel includes a Breakers tab that surfaces the Breakers grid. You can also access direct links to view the PDU/RPP layout and sensors.

Shows the new IEC 60309 breaker outlet type.

New breaker outlet type

We’ve added the IEC 60309 PDU breaker outlet type, which can be used for PDUs and RPPs.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes, please refer to the Hyperview 2.1 release notes.

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