Time-Saving Features: Saved Searches and Lifecycle Bulk Updates

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Rack Side and Position

Product Update: Version 3.2

Starting with Hyperview 3.2, you can save searches for yourself and others, update asset lifecycles in bulk, and add Rack Side and Rack Position values for your Zero U assets. We’ve also included bug fixes, and made discovery and UX improvements.

Saved Searches panel

Saved Searches and various search enhancements

The Advanced Search page now lets you save searches to be re-run later. There are two new buttons on the page: Save (lets you save a search) and Saved Searches (opens the Saved Searches panel, which lists existing saved personal and global searches). Any user can perform an Advanced Search that is applied via filters, writing a manual query, or both, and then save it. Personal saved searches are only available to the user who created them and are listed under My Searches in the Saved Searches panel. Only Administrators can save and manage global searches, which are available to all users and appear under Global Searches in the Saved Searches panel. To apply a personal or global saved search, simply select it in the panel and click Search.

Furthermore, starting with this version:

  • Advanced Search supports two new columns and filters that can be added from the Filters panel: IP Address and Bay Location. If there are multiple IP addresses for a given asset, they will appear as a comma-separated string.
  • The Advanced Search page features a new Refresh button.
  • You can search by component serial number using Quick Search and Advanced Search.
Bulk Update Lifecycle modal

New bulk action: Update Lifecycle

You can now update lifecycle values for one or more eligible assets from the Bulk Actions menu, which in turn is available from Advanced Search, Assets By Type, and Assets By Location pages. Eligible assets are all asset types except Location, Rack, and Unknown. The Bulk Update Lifecycle modal allows you to set values for one or more of the following fields: State, Commission Date, Retirement Date, End of Life Date.

Rack Side and Rack Position columns on Rack Layout page

Rack Side and Rack Position fields for Zero U assets

You can now set a Rack Side (Unknown, Front, or Rear) and Rack Position (Unknown, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Above, or Below) for Zero U devices. You can specify values while creating, updating, moving, or bulk importing a Zero U device, such as a rack PDU. Note that for bulk import you must use the latest Assets template from Bulk Import → Download Template File → Assets.

The Rack Layout page has also been enhanced to include Rack Side and Rack Position columns. Furthermore, the Properties page (Information → Properties) and Properties widget (on the asset dashboard) both now indicate the rack side and position in the Location field; for example: Side: Front, Position: Top.

Dynamic page titles

Dynamic page titles

Application page titles are now dynamic: instead of just saying “Hyperview” they reflect the exact context, and are easier to navigate within the browser history.

Dynamic page titles

Improved customer portal

We have upgraded the customer portal deliver a better user experience. Highlights include:

  • New top level navigation for faster access to key sections of the portal
  • Create role-based user permissions for access to more sensitive information like billings and subscriptions
  • Group/filter/sort your support tickets, feature requests, tasks, documents, messages, and timesheets
  • Turn on 2-factor authentication and login with your Microsoft 365 account for added security

Other notable improvements

  • The “Default” access policy group has been renamed to “All Users” for clarity.
  • All Save buttons now show a spinner when the application is awaiting a server response.
  • VMware and SSH discoveries now populate the Enclosure Serial Number field for relevant assets.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes, please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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