Improved Search, Sensor Threshold Management, and Blade Devices Placement

Categories: Product UpdatesBy Published On: December 3rd, 2020146 words

Product Update: Version 1.4

The latest update to Hyperview includes an improved search experience, the addition of sensor threshold management, and support for blade devices placement.

Advanced Search gets even smarter

With Advanced Search enhancements, you can perform ‘best fit’ searches to optimize space utilization in your racks. Learn more

Get on top of issues before they grow

Hyperview’s powerful Sensor Thresholds immediately notifies you of data center events so that you can act fast to mitigate risks. Learn more

Blade device placement made easier

Hyperview now auto-discovers the bay location for your blade assets. You can place your blade servers, blade storage, and blade network assets into the correct bay location, while taking into account power calculations and aggregations. Learn more

About the Author: Tashfeen Mahmud
Tashfeen Mahmud is the Quality Assurance and Documentation Lead at Hyperview.
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