ServiceNow CMDB Integration and Multi-level Heat Map

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datacenter multilevel heatmap

Product Update: Version 3.6

ServiceNow CMDB Sync integration is now available! As well, we continue to roll out enhancements to Firmware Management and 3D view. Now you can view, search and report on the current firmware version for all your assets, both Managed and Unmanaged. In 3D view, you can quickly hone in on a specific set of racks or assets using Focus Mode. Plus, Hyperview now generates a multi-level Heat Map for more nuanced temperature ranges.

Data Center 3D View Focus Mode

3D views now includes Focus Mode and Multi-Level Heat Map

With Focus Mode, you can lasso a selection of racks or assets which remain at the forefront, while everything collapses from view. This feature is especially useful for larger data center floor plans. As well, Racks with the appropriately linked sensors will now generate a multi-level Heat Map as a layer in 3D views.

3D Data Center Multilevel Heat Map
DCIM ServiceNow CMDB Integrate

ServiceNow CMDB Sync Integration

ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) integration is now available as an add-on feature. You can now dynamically push asset information from Hyperview to ServiceNow CMDB. The integration works with the ServiceNow Import Set API and has been tested with ServiceNow (Rome). If you would like to turn on this feature, please contact sales.

Unmanaged Firmware Manamgement

Full Firmware Reporting

View, search and report on the current firmware version for all your assets, both Managed and Unmanaged. Managed shows devices that administrators and data center managers can trigger a firmware update directly from Hyperview. This is available for individual devices and as a bulk action.

DCIM Firmware Work Orders

Work Orders

Work Orders is a new subsystem in Hyperview. It is the information hub to track operations that interact with external systems, like a bulk firmware update Job. The Work Orders feature is part of the standard Hyperview license. Certain features that interact with it may be licensed separately.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes,  please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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