Snapfish Selects DCIM Software Provider for Data Centers

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Digital photo printing company replaces homegrown solution With next-generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada–September 12, 2017 – Hyperview (formerly Tuangru), a next-generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software company, has been selected by Snapfish to enable full visibility into the facility, IT and virtual layers of their data centers. Hyperview’s DCIM software will replace their homegrown solution.

“Hyperview has changed the way we manage and monitor our multiple data centers,” said Snapfish Data Center Operations Manager, Kenneth Lam. “Our homegrown solution had been severely neglected over the past few years. Powerful DCIM software tools like auto-discovery and auto-change management, along with an easy-to-use interface made Hyperview’s DCIM solution an easy choice for us.”

Snapfish plans to use Hyperview’s DCIM software to more effectively manage the increasing complexity of their infrastructure, while driving efficiencies and cost savings.

“The addition of Snapfish to our customer base underscores the growing preference for a management software that allows operators to optimize their data centers through automation, actionable intelligence and an exceptional user experience,” said President and CEO, Jad Jebara.

About Snapfish
A leading global photo retailer, Snapfish was founded in 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a service to provide users the ability to store, share, and print their photos online. Today, Snapfish continues as a prominent photo platform to the world’s largest pharmacy and hypermarket retailers as well as a leading direct to consumer, world-wide brand providing innovative and inspiring products and services to help customers bring their photos to life. Snapfish helps over 100 million members across 3 continents manage their most cherished memories and create personalized products from any device. Our customers entrust billions of photos with us, and we add more than a million new members worldwide each month.

About Hyperview
Hyperview is a leading cloud-based digital infrastructure management platform that provides software tools to help enterprises lower costs, reduce risk, and increase performance of their data centers, colocation, and edge facilities. The powerful and easy-to-use platform includes asset discovery and management, capacity planning, power management, and environmental monitoring. Learn more at

About the Author: Rajan Sodhi
Rajan is the Chief Marketing Officer of Hyperview, a cloud-based digital infrastructure management platform that is both powerful and easy to use. Hyperview offers next-generation DCIM tools to manage and monitor hybrid computing environments.
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