Digital Infrastructure Management

Discover, manage and monitor every asset in your infrastructure.



Per asset, per year*

Get started with 50 assets or just $100 annually

*Prices displayed in USD, based on annual billing but do not include applicable taxes.

Digital Infrastructure Management

Discover, manage and monitor every asset in your infrastructure.



Per asset, per year*

Get started with 50 assets or just $100 annually

*Prices displayed in USD, based on annual billing but do not include applicable taxes.


Operational Technology

  • Cabinet/Rack

  • Generator


  • Rack PDU

  • UPS
  • Busway

  • CRAC

  • CRAH

  • Chiller

  • In-Row Cooling

  • Transfer Switch

  • Fire Control Panel

  • Power Meter

  • Utility Breaker

  • Camera


  • Server

  • Node Server

  • Blade Server

  • Blade Network

  • Blade Storage

  • Blade Enclosure

  • Network Device

  • Network Storage

  • Sensors/IoT
  • Router
  • Firewall
  • Monitor

  • Patch Panel


  • vCenter/VMware

  • Hyper-V
  • KVM


  • 2D and 3D Visualizations

  • Advanced Search and Reports

  • Alerts and Notifications

  • Asset Health Status

  • Auto-discovery (Agentless )

  • Bulk Actions

  • Capacity Planning

  • Catalog User Access/Add Device

  • Change Logs

  • Component-level Asset Details

  • Custom Dashboards

  • Data Center Room Layouts

  • Data Collector (Windows/Linux)

  • Document Management: 5MB/asset

  • Drag and Drop

  • Energy Management

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Fine-grained Access Control

  • Firmware Management

  • Heat Maps

  • Inventory and Audit Reports

  • IT Asset Management

  • Kilowatt Hour (kWh) KPIs

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Log and Event Manager

  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly

  • Power Monitoring

  • Power Path Dependency Map

  • Real-time Software Updates


  • Role-based Access

  • Secure Cloud-based Platform

  • Sensors: 10/asset

  • Sensor Data Retention at Full-Resolution: 30 Days

  • Sensor Data Retention Daily Summaries: 3 Years

  • Single Sign-on

  • Two-factor Authentication

  • Unlimited Users

  • University: Self-paced Courses

  • User Defined Fields

  • Work Notes


  • Document Management: 50MB per Asset

  • Full-Resolution Data Retention: 180 Days

  • Full-Resolution Data Retention: 365 Days

  • Additional Sensors: 5 per Asset

  • Asset Tracking RFID In-rack Detection

  • ServiceNow Integration: CMDB Sync

  • Connectivity (Coming Soon)

  • Control: Rack PDU Outlet (Coming Soon)

  • $0.25 per asset

  • $0.25 per asset

  • $0.50 per asset

  • $1.00 per asset

  • $1.00 per asset

  • $1.00 per asset

  • $1.00 per asset


  • Self-Service

  • Professional Services: 12 Hrs

  • Professional Services: 50 Hrs

  • Professional Services: 100 Hrs

  • $0.00

  • $1,800.00

  • $7,500.00

  • $15,000.00

Common questions

How do you define an asset?

An asset is any physical or virtual asset within your digital infrastructure that you discover (if network-connected) or manually add, manage, and/or monitor with Hyperview. These include operational technologies (racks, generators, UPS, PDUs, CRACs, CRAHs, RPPs, chillers), hardware (servers, storage, network devices, sensors/IoT, patch panel, and firewall), and virtual machines (VMs).

How does your billing work?

All assets defined here are billable. Unknown assets and components like software applications are not billable. Our pricing is USD $2 per asset per year billed on an annual basis. All software updates, upgrades and maintenance are included in your subscription. The minimum amount of assets you can purchase is 50 assets. For 10,000 assets or more, please contact sales to request a quote. In addition, you have the option to purchase add-on features and professional service bundles (Success Packs) as you see fit.

Do you offer regional pricing?

Customers based in the United Kingdom can purchase Hyperview for £2 per asset per year. Customers based in the European Union can purchase Hyperview for 2 per asset per year. Pricing for the rest of the world is USD $2 per asset per year.

United Kingdom European Union United States, Canada, Rest of World
GBP (£) EUR (€) USD ($)

What is a Success Pack?

A Success Pack is a bundle of professional service hours that you can use for training, configuration, and migration. These hours are available for you to use within 12 months of selecting and ordering your Success Pack. We offer Success Packs of 12 Hours, 50 Hours, and 100 Hours.

Are software updates and upgrades included?

Yes. As a cloud-based software, all updates, upgrades, and maintenance are included with your subscription. As enhancements are made to the software, your account gets updated with these changes immediately. No administrative work is required on your end.

Is the auto-discovery tool agentless?

Yes. Our robust, vendor-agnostic auto-discovery tool doesn’t need an agent. By speaking many different protocols–like SNMP, IPMI, BACnet, and Modbus–it can discover assets in the operational, IT, and virtual layers of your digital infrastructure. We offer our lightweight data collector software in both Windows and Linux versions.

Is Hyperview SOC 2 Type II compliant?

Yes, Hyperview is SOC 2 Type II compliant in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations also known as SSAE 18. Achieving this standard with an unqualified opinion serves as third-party industry validation that Hyperview provides enterprise-level security for customer’s data secured in the Hyperview system. View Letter of Attestation

Do you offer role-based access control?

Yes. Each user is associated with a role that dictates how they can interact with assets, and which application features they can access. Hyperview grants the most access privileges to the Administrator role with gradually fewer access privileges enabled to each role below that.

Administrator Has unrestricted, system-wide access in Hyperview and is not impacted by asset access policies
Data Center Manager Has complete asset management privileges, but cannot run or configure discoveries, administer accounts, view the application log, or make system-wide changes
Power User Has Data Center Manager-level privileges, but cannot delete or bulk delete records
Reporting Has read-only access to Hyperview for reporting purposes
Read Only Has read-only access to Hyperview

Is online training and support available?

Yes. As a Hyperview user, you have full access to our Docs and online courses. You can also submit Helpdesk tickets and feature requests.

How many users can I add?

As many as you need. There is no limit to the number of users when using Hyperview, and no additional charges.

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