All-new Connectivity: Structured Cabling Management

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Structured Cabling Management

Product Update: Version 3.12

Our latest product update includes our most requested add-on feature, Connectivity. Connectivity is a comprehensive structured cabling management tool that enables you to document your physical network with ease. This update also includes enhancements to the Sensor Dashboard, IT Energy measurement, and the Windows-version data collector.



Connectivity simplifies structured cabling management by allowing you to document cable runs, patch panels, and switch ports in one central place. It eliminates the need for manual documentation and helps you manage network changes more efficiently. With Connectivity, you can:

  • Create and manage structured cabling systems, including patch panels, switches, and network-connected devices.
  • Visualize connections to switches and panels from a new Layout page.
  • Customize properties to maintain or add information you care about.
  • Manage your data in bulk or connection-by-connection.
  • Automatically track changes to network connections.
Connectivity Add-on feature
Connectivity Add-on feature

This is the first phase of Connectivity. Further enhancements to the add-on are coming, such as network mapping and 3D visualization, associating documents/media to connections, and IPAM tools.

The Connectivity add-on feature is available for $2 /asset /year. Base subscription is required. For full details, see pricing.

Sensors Dashboard

Sensors Dashboard

The sensors dashboard has been promoted to a main tab to make it easier to access. As well, sensor card titles now display more sensor-identifying information.

data center location IT energy

Other Enhancements

IT Energy
The location IT Energy sensor has been updated to aggregate IT energy for all applicable downstream assets.

Data Collector
We’ve added Windows Server 2022 support for the Windows-version Data Collector. Also, the Add Data Collector modal now displays the appropriate hostname, in addition to the registration token.

Notable Bug Fixes

AS-12819 Fixed an issue that caused chart height to not scale property at certain browser zoom levels.

AS-12869 Fixed an issue that caused the ServiceNow CMDB Sync, test authentication button, to display a spinner indefinitely under certain edge conditions.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes,  please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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